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S u s a n   B e l l o n i

Landscape paintings often communicate quietly. They can be a wonderful source of peaceful contemplation in our very busy lives. They bring the beauty of nature indoors like an extra window. The light and atmosphere in nature are interpreted by the artist and forever captured on canvas.

The term en plein air refers to paintings painted in the open air and on location. The wonderful weather in Santa Barbara makes it easy to paint outdoors. However, painting the changing light, shadows and weather in a few hours outdoors can be more challenging than painting from a photograph that remains the same in a studio.

I enjoy painting in acrylics and oils and I love the experience of hauling my easel, paints and canvases to some of the most wonderful Santa Barbara County beach, ranch and mountain locations such as the Santa Ynez Valley, Jalama, Gaviota, El Capitan, Refugio, Santa Cruz Island, Hollister Ranch, Butterfly Beach, Coal Oil Point, Devereux Slough, Leadbetter, Goleta Beach, San Rafael Mtns., Miramar Beach and our local urban Santa Barbara scenery.

In 2003, a few friends started a group called Southern California Artists Painting for the Environment (SCAPE, www.s-c-a-p-e.org). We have since helped raise money and awareness for many local, nonprofit conservation organizations. I also belong to the Santa Barbara and Goleta Valley Art Associations who show regularly in public buildings and venues. I open my studio once a year for open studio tours by the Santa Barbara Studio Artists and the Mesa Artists Open Studio Tours.

Many excellent local and national artists have been my teachers including Marcia Burtt, Michael Drury, John and Larry Iwerks, Joella Jean Mahoney, Ken Auster, John Budicin, Mark Kerckoff, Joe Pacquet, Randall Sexton and others. I received a degree in Art from the University of California at Santa Barbara.

In Santa Barbara, my work may be seen at the Corridan, Weldon Ranch Galleries; SCAPE Exhibits, the exhibits of the Santa Barbara and Goleta Valley Art Associations; and you have reached the best place to see all my work, right here, at my website www.susanbelloni.com. Please get in touch via email (susanbelloni@hotmail.com) if you'd like to receive email invitations to exhibits or if you see a painting you'd like to own!

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